Our Approach


of breast cancer surgery

Oncoplastic reconstruction is a term of art within the surgical profession…let’s simplify what this means.

The oncoplastic philosophy of breast cancer surgery embraces a relatively new approach, giving equal weight to the cancer removing surgery AND to the physical restoration of the breast.

This philosophy creates a vastly improved cosmetic outcome in most cases of breast cancer surgery, and in how the patient looks and feels afterward.

For a woman faced with the fear of disfigurement due to a breast cancer diagnosis, the oncoplastic approach offers not only breast reconstruction, but also emotional reconstruction, as it becomes difficult afterward for others to see evidence of a breast cancer surgery.

Given its uniqueness, few surgeons have as yet embraced this approach to breast cancer surgery, and even fewer are expert at it.

The fear of disfigurement

Many women with a breast cancer diagnosis must face their deepest fear…that of disfigurement.

They want to feel whole, and do not want to lose a part of their femininity.

Femininity may be preserved, by seeking out a breast
cancer surgeon who places the oncoplastic philosophy at the center of their approach to breast cancer treatment in the operating room.

The result is also an emotional reconstruction for those initially fearful of losing all or a portion of their breast due to cancer.

Here’s how it works:

During lumpectomy surgery, we move healthy tissue inside the breast in such a way that the hole left from the removal of the cancer is filled in so the breast maintains its normal or an improved shape.

During mastectomy surgery, we return the patient to feeling whole by reconstructing the breast with tissue from other parts of the body or a tissue expander, which is later replaced with a permanent implant.

We also use pioneering advances such as nipple-sparing mastectomy with immediate reconstruction.

Less scaring is among the results of an oncoplastic approach, offering a more attractive outcome whether a mastectomy or lumpectomy.