We focus.

Draining the anxiety out of breast cancer, we treat all of you. Rather than only your breast.

Applying the latest advances with a gentle rush, we co-own this life moment with you. You are our focus. We live you.

You have come to a place and a doctor who can help you achieve a result preserving femininity.

Through highly refined surgical expertise.

To Orange County breast cancer surgeon Dr. Jay Harness and his care, treatment and surgery team, you are the only patient that matters.


Why We Live You®

We Live You introduces the patient care and treatment approach of breast cancer surgeon Dr. Jay Harness and his Orange County breast cancer surgery team.

We Live You is the standard developed by Dr. Jay Harness over decades of listening to the many women we have treated with a breast cancer diagnosis.

Our patients from Orange County, Riverside County and beyond reveal that breast cancer is a part of life's journey rather than one of a battle or a war.

"The language of battle and war may appeal to men, as it is a more competitive narrative frame. Words such as triumph and victory are each associated with this narrative. Which means by implication that those who do not triumph or are not victorious in a fight with their own bodies, lose."

Women are not engaged in a war, nor a fight, in which there are winners and losers.

Rather, they are engaged in a journey, seeking support, guidance, compassion, and good care.

Rather than being preached to about the need to fight and win, what we have learned is that women seek to become informed and educated about the options they may choose.

To live.

To be happy.

To look good in their clothes.

To be fulfilled.

If faced with a breast cancer diagnosis, we understand you seek support, guidance, compassion, treatment, and care using the most advanced medical expertise.

We also understand you seek emotional reconstruction.® Which is why we say, We Live You.®